Bussiness solutions and partnership

Dynavix Company offers:

  • Enterprise solutions (Dynavix Business solution)
  • OEM / White label (OEM Partnership)
  • Retail distribution of our products


The solution is developed for companies and corporations to simplify direction and control of mobile operating units and to enable the effective, fast and easy duty management of fieldworkers. Dynavix Business includes following:

  • Fleet and Workflow management
  • Truck solution (Fleet management using special maps including information about heights of underpasses, widths of roads, tonnage of bridges, and the route is optimized based on the detailed parameters of a vehicle)
  • Built-in car navigation (Complete navigation solutions fitted in the dashboard of car)
  • CarPC solution (Navigation built into dashboard, laptops or any other computer mounted inside the vehicle. This solution is often used by rescue squads or taxi-service´s vehicles along with the Fleet management)
  • Monitoring of moving objects on the landing ground
  • Monitoring of dangerous goods

Dynavix Company also offers the individual adaptation of the particular solution accurately according to the specific needs of companies. Dynavix navigation system is ready for iOS, Android, Windows and Linux.


Dynavix Company offers complex solutions on the field of navigation systems. We’re able to adapt the Dynavix navigation system for a particular customer and consequently sell it under his name (so-called White label product).

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