Premium navigation

Offline navigation with premium features. This product is available only for Android devices.
Sales price 199 Kč
Sales price without tax 164 Kč
Base price with tax 249 Kč
Discount -50 Kč

Offline navigation with premium functions. Purchasing Premium Navigation activates the following premium functions with unlimited duration:

+ Intelligent navigation option using alternative routes (choice of up to three different routes).
+ Snapshots from traffic cameras on route.
+ 3D view when using map and navigating.
+ Lane assistant.
+ Showing real motorway signs (Real View).
+ Quick search for Points of Interest nearby and Points of Interest on route.
+ Showing information panel with the next manoeuvre, distance to manoeuvre and other information (e.g. the distance of your destination, time of arrival).

Purchasing Premium Navigation allows you to use the above premium functions for all available maps. Find out how great the Dynavix navigation can be with premium functions.


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