Dynavix FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How two merge two purchased Dynavix applications into one?

Each map package works independently, therefore it is not possible to merge two Dynavix applications into one. Only solution in case you need to plan a route between points placed in two maps, is to navigate to the border and after crossing it, switch the application.

I’ve left the application, however I still hear voice instructions.

Newer devices have multitasking, that means you can run an application in the background. See Apple support page to find out, how to close app running in multitasking mode.

Dynavix doesn’t recieve a GPS signal, the position is approximate and inaccurate.

Check your device settings, in Settings > General > Position services Dynavix must be allowed to recieve a postiton.

Do I need internet connection to run Dynavix?

No, the application is off-line, that means all the maps are installed in the memory of the device. You only need internet to use several on-line features, e.g. Google Local Search or sharing the position via email.

The application behavior is nonstandard or it doesn’t work at all.

Reinstall the application according to instructions at Apple support page.

Can I update the map for free?

Yes, both map and application updates are currently free. You can download newest version via iTunes.

Didn’t find an answer here?

Refer to the manual or contact our technical support and describe your difficulties.

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